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 kc concepcion- For The First Time (OST) (2008)

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PostSubject: kc concepcion- For The First Time (OST) (2008)   Thu Sep 04, 2008 7:17 pm

kc concepcion- For The First Time (OST) (2008)

Title: For The First Time (OST)
Artist: KC Concepcion

We bet this sums up the story of Star Cinema’s latest film offering, “For the First Time”. The movie, part of the outfit’s 15th anniversary, and stars “megadaughter” KC Concepcion, and the super handsome Richard Gutierrez, is being reported to be a story of two “headstrong people with two different concepts on how to live the perfect life” (abscbn).

KC would be playing a rich girl who likes to have everything planned; Richard, on the other hand, plays a “playboy” without plans, living life on day at a time. The two would meet in Greece, and would eventually fall in love (we’re guessing the obvious.
But then the question would be how hard they’d fall… since Richard is a playboy who doesnt take his life seriously, and most likely, Richard’s not in KC’s plans (their characters pala).
So there, let’s all just wait for the playdate, so we could watch KC and Richard… for the first time.

May kasama pang MTV..


Mp3 ?m4dymvyn542

Video ?w2tqizcpmjx
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kc concepcion- For The First Time (OST) (2008)
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